Services & Resources

Our Services

All of our services are free of charge to allow access for all and include;

  • Post-diagnosis psycho-educational support at state hospitals and clinics: Lentegeur Hospital, Red Cross Hospital, Somerset Hospital and Tygerberg Hospital, every week.
  • Counselling and ongoing support for individuals and families, school support for ECD centres, schools and special care facilities, which involves training: Inclusion Practices, Autism, Behaviour Challenges, Alternative Teaching, and Communication Techniques.
  • Training and workshops, for parents/caregivers, service providers (e.g. schools, speech therapists, public servants, government departments) that interact or influence policy.
  • The compilation and distribution of visual stimulation kits needed for communication skills, as well as programme stimulation kits (this includes an early learner kit, school readiness kit, as well as adult stimulation kit).
  • Advocacy for the right to education of children diagnosed with Autism.
  • Support services to adults on the spectrum.

Service Points


Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital
(09:30 – 12:30)


Red Cross Children’s Hospital
(09:00 – 12:00)


Somerset Hospital
(09:30 – 12:30)


Tygerberg Hospital
(speech group 08:30 – 10:00; counselling 10:30 – 12:30)