About Autism Western Cape

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision & Mission


To create a society that accepts and is Inclusive of individuals diagnosed with autism.


Educating and empowering individuals diagnosed with autism, their families and society.

Our Values

Support– “We are supportive internally and externally, and aim to empower individuals diagnosed with Autism

Trust- “We are trusting and trustworthy, and treat people with respect”

Empathy– “We do not judge and choose to empathise with co-workers and communities”

Passionate-“We are passionate about autism awareness and community support

Empower- “We firmly believe that all of our service users should be capacitated towards development, growth and the receiving of relevant information that will aid the understanding of Autism and ultimately empower not only our service users and their families, but broader communities”

Integration – “Community integration is a key concept within our underlying organisational principles and values, we cannot act alone and believe that targeting communities and reintegrating our service users into these communities will help to eradicate stigma”

Advocacy – “We often give a voice to the voiceless and involve ourselves in initiatives that will benefit the autism communities, such as the right to equal education and work opportunities”


Progress by the numbers


Our Path

Our Model


We need your help!

Our needs vary from educational equipment and toys to funding to assist with operation/running costs of the organisation and its projects.