Michelle Schippers

Social Work Coordinator

As the Social Work Coordinator at Autism Western Cape since, I am responsible for ensuring the social work department is operating at its highest level. With a Bachelors in Social Work and a certificate in training and management my responsibilities include: visiting clients, attending workshops, assisting with training, supervising social workers and community development assistants, and ensuring our clients receive the assistance they require. Working at Autism Western Cape allows me to transform the way society perceives and understands autistic individuals. Additionally, my role as Social Work Coordinator offers me a space for educating the Autistic community.

Anna-Beth Aylward

Training Coordinator

As the Training Coordinator at Autism Western Cape, I manage the training department to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy completed, my responsibilities include creating content for the online training platform, presenting training courses to schools and individuals, creating stimulation kits, planning outreach training programs, and creating the Autism Training Manual. The disability sector has always been a passion of mine. I am interested in expanding my knowledge on Autism as I learn something new every day. The lack of resources available despite 1/44 children being autistic inspires me to do all that I can to contribute.

Mduduzi Dube

Managing director

As the Managing Director of Autism Western Cape, I oversee a diverse array of responsibilities and bring a wide range of skills to the organization, including an MBA, a social work degree, and expertise in Sigma Six methodology. My role encompasses various critical aspects of our organization, which include management, leadership, fundraising, strategy development and execution, health and safety, compliance, innovation, and advocacy for human rights. My work at Autism Western Cape enables me to fulfill my passion for advocating for human rights and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all our endeavors.

Zaida Frank

Operational Manager

As the Operations Manager at Autism Western Cape , I strive to ensure all operations are running smoothly. With a Bachelor of Psychology degree as well as a black belt in sigma six, my responsibilities include: advocating for autism, organising training sessions, providing counseling services, liaising with organisations in the autism field, conducting research, scheduling and facilitating workshops, and overall managing the Autism Western Cape team. I am passionate about the disability sector and specifically the NPO sector to advocate for the voiceless. The transformation that Autism Western Cape has undergone and the formidable strides towards inclusion draws me to the sector and fuels my passion.