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  1. Jennifer Bischoff Reply

    My son is moderatly mentally retarded, as well as having symptoms of Autism. Is there any organisation or home where he can stay, as an adult? Is there someone there who could see to his needs? He is a lovely, good looking young man who turns 17 in January. Very sweet, and knows a lot about cars, but does not have a single friend in the world, per se. Could anyone help me? Thanks so much.

    1. David Langhan Reply

      Hello Jennifer, Sarah and I also have a gentle, lovely, good looking son on the Autism Spectrum who turns 17 this month. Apart from 1 occasional friend, he also lives an incredibly solitary life. Thank goodness for X-Box gaming and the virtual friends has has made through it. Without them, he would be very much alone in the world – apart from us.

      We have also searched for places where he could possibly become socially involved with similar adolescents, or that could assist with some kind of employment. Our particular challenge has been (and remains) that he is not ‘disabled severely enough’ on the one hand; and not ‘able enough’ on the other. So, as was the case when he was at school, we have not yet found a place – other than home – where he is understood, accepted, or ‘fits in’.

      You are not alone. We wish for you all of the strength, love and wisdom required, and that you do find what you are looking for.
      David & Sarah

  2. Staff admin Reply

    Thank you so much for your post Jennifer, and for your response David and Sarah. Please check your inbox for an email from us!

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