Statement of warning about Chlorine Dioxide/Miracle Mineral Solution (CD/MMS) as a treatment for autism

Over the last 12 months, Autism South Africa, Autism Western Cape, other non-profit organisations for autism and various healthcare professionals in South Africa have received enquiries from families about the potential benefits of Chlorine Dioxide/Miracle Mineral Solution (‘CD/MMS’) as a treatment or ‘cure’ for autism.


Autism Western Cape supports the position of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA which has issued formal warnings about the dangers of this proposed treatment.


We support the FDA position that there is no scientific evidence of benefit from this treatment and that there is clear evidence of harm, including very serious harm, or even death associated with CD/MMS.


The FDA issued statements against CD/MMS as early as 2010 and made a further statement in April 2014 (‘Beware of False or Misleading Claims for Treating Autism’).


The 2014 FDA statement can be found at:


Please do not hesitate to contact us at AWC if you have any questions or require further information.

6 comment on “Statement of warning about Chlorine Dioxide/Miracle Mineral Solution (CD/MMS) as a treatment for autism

  1. Dilshaat Barbagallo Reply

    Hi there

    I have an 24 year old daughter who is autistic with pervasive developmental syndrome. I am interested in your social groups for people on the spectrum. Please advise.

  2. Melt Olckers Reply

    The Medicines Control Council of South Africa has recently also warned against the use of MMS:

  3. Anton Neethling Reply

    Hi I hear what you say about Mms and don’t velief it would do much for Autism.
    How ever there are a few protocols regarding brwin repair and Mystic Amazon plants thst can be microdosed and might assist in helping.
    St Pedro cactus, IBOGA ,Bopaan and a few other do amazing brwin repair work

  4. Rex Reply

    There are two problems with MMS or CDS.
    1. It works.
    2. It’s cheap.
    There is no danger. I have used it many times personally. Many hundreds of kids now cured from Autism. There is not one reported death from the use of MMS. Millions of people die and suffer and are bankrupted from the medical industrial complex. It’s all about money folks! Watch the thousands of success stories on youtube about MMS. Get some … be healed!!

    1. Simric Reply

      Autism is not a disease. You can’t “heal” it. Unless you mean by fundamentally transforming someone’s core personality. It sounds like you might also believe in the ghastly and fascist idea of “healing” gay people . It may be that your language is way off and you actually mean supporting autistic people with some of the challenges they face (which may be different to the kind of challenges neurotypical people face). There may be a worthy role for some medical intervention, including alternative therapies, in certain cases, as there are for neurotypicals trying to navigate the modern world. But your language is offensive.

  5. Somikazi Tshazibana Reply

    HI am Somikazi Tshazibana i have a sister that have autsim and my parent are not educated. my sister never went to school because of my parents of not being aware of the condition she is 17 turning 18 this year. i wanted to know how is it possible for her to get a school

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