New Support Group

AWC is starting a new parent support group in the Northern Suburbs.

The first meeting will be held on Saturday 25th April from 09:30 at Belhar Library.

Please contact Melinda for more information – 021 685 9581 /

7 comment on “New Support Group

  1. Megan lategan Reply

    Good day,

    I’m reading up on your website and I’m finding so much useful information. The reason for my contact, my best friend, has a almost 4 year old daughter and I think she is autistic.

    She makes no direction contact with anyone ( no one should touch her or even look at her, then she cries), she isn’t potty trained, she is always crying and covers her ears. I’ve spoken to my friend numerous times cause I can see both parents and child suffering. but they seemed to be in denial about the situation and would prefer to have their little girl watch TV all the time to keep her occupied.

    How I can help them? or even show them that there is something wrong, they refuse to take her to the doctor or pediatrician.

    I’m really hoping you can give me some advice as to how to handle this situation.


    1. Staff admin Reply

      Hi Megan,

      Thank you for your message.
      I will ask my colleague to email you with ways you can support your friend and her family.

  2. Nomatamsanqa Khwatshube Reply

    Good day
    my name is Nomatamsanqa Khwatshube , I am sending this message regarding of my sister whom she is diagnosed with Autism disease, she is 20 years full, what worries me the most is that she goes any where she likes , she doesn’t listen to any one ,she fights with people and breaks every thing in the house she sometimes even injure her self , she cries with no reason.

  3. Lee Juon Reply

    I have a son who is Byberger Autistic, he is turning 26 years old next month, but still innocent like a teenager. he is very intelligent, reads alot, but extremely lonely, he has no friends except for his siblings. I desperately would like to find out of any social groups in the norther suburbs which might exist where young adults can get together, make friends and feel comfortable with people like themselves.

  4. Lauren Radloff Reply

    Could you please send me information regarding the Parklands support group. Many thanks

  5. zintle Reply

    Ihave been calling you numerous times iwould love for you to advise me on my 3year10months daughter she was recently diagnosed with autisim 3months ago please get back to me.

  6. yolanda Reply

    All i need is toilet training for my son .it’s so difficult please help me and my son

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